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We teach traditional Shotokan Karate which is one of the largest and most effective styles of martial arts taught in the world. At Zanshin it is our aim to teach our students in a safe and friendly environment and make sure that all of our students get a positive experience from learning karate. We will show our students a wide range of Shotokan karate techniques and how they can be effective whether used in kihon, kata, kumite or self-defense. Learning karate at Zanshin will give you confidence and improve your fitness, as well as promote positive social and mental skills.

Here at Zanshin we know that everyone will pick Karate up at a different pace and we will treat all of our students with the same level of respect regardless of age, character or physicality. With our training we will aim to teach equal parts of Kihon (basic techniques), Kata (a choreographed pattern of techniques and movements which can be practiced alone or in groups when training) and kumite (freestyle fighting). Whether you are six or sixty it does not matter, with determination anyone can train karate.

Regardless of how far you go with your training, we promise to pass on the knowledge to achieve black belt or even higher if you are willing to learn. However far you want to push yourself, we will be there to support you.

It is our aim to hold a grading twice a year. We will always strive to make our students ready to pass their exam, no matter how long it takes. Here at Zanshin we will not rush your training to meet quotas, only once you have the confidence to pass will we suggest you participate in the grading. This is your journey and we want you to experience it in the most fulfilling way possible.

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