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       Sensei Mick Farquharson Chief Instructor

Sensei Mick started training in 1996 with TASK Association. He was then invited by a close friend to train at Stevenage Karate Club, this is where he became engrossed with Shotokan Karate. At this time the Chief Instructor of Stevenage was Sensei Derek Oakley 3rd Dan JKA. With Sensei Derek’s guidance Mick would gain the knowledge to pass all of his ku grades successfully.

Mick took his Shodan in 1999 under Sensei Enoeda at a national Dan grading in Slough. He would go on to take his Niadan in 2003 under Sensei Sherry at Crystal Palace, then Sandan in 2010 under Sensei Ohta in Hatfield. In 2023 he passed his JKA Yondan under Sensei Kawasoe at Windsor.

In 2003 Sensei Derek handed the club over to his assistant instructor Tom Peebles 3rd Dan at this time.  After this Mick would become more involved in teaching and would become an assistant instructor within the club. Mick remained an assistant instructor at the club until 2019. At this time he decided  to open his own club, which is now part of Japan Shotokan Karate England (JSKE), who are affiliated to the Japanese Karate Association World Federation England (JKAWF).

Mick has taken part in various national competitions over the years. In 1998 he won first place in kata and second place in kumite in The Southern Regions.

Throughout his time training, Mick has passed National Instructor and Judging exams 3,2 and 1, and has a fully enhanced DBS Certificate and Coaching License. He has achieved a certificate in Child Protection in Sport and is a qualified first aider.

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