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       Sensei Mick Farquharson Chief Instructor

Sensei Mick started training in 1996 with TASK Association. He was then invited by a close friend to train at Stevenage Karate Club, this is where he became engrossed with Shotokan Karate. At this time the Chief Instructor of Stevenage was Sensei Derek Oakley 3rd Dan JKA. With Sensei Derek’s guidance Mick would gain the knowledge to pass all of his ku grades successfully.

Mick took his Shodan in 1999 under Sensei Enoeda at a national Dan grading in Slough. He would go on to take his Niadan in 2003 under Sensei Sherry at Crystal Palace, then Sandan in 2010 under Sensei Ohta in Hatfield. In 2023 he passed his JKA Yondan under Sensei Kawasoe at Windsor.

In 2003 Sensei Derek handed the club over to his assistant instructor Tom Peebles 3rd Dan at this time.  After this Mick would become more involved in teaching and would become an assistant instructor within the club. Mick remained an assistant instructor at the club until 2019. At this time he decided  to open his own club, which is now part of Japan Shotokan Karate England (JSKE), who are affiliated to the Japanese Karate Association World Federation England (JKAWF).

Mick has taken part in various national competitions over the years. In 1998 he won first place in kata and second place in kumite in The Southern Regions.

Throughout his time training, Mick has passed National Instructor and Judging exams 3,2 and 1, and has Level D International Instructor. He has a fully enhanced DBS Certificate and Coaching License. He has achieved a certificate in Child Protection in Sport and is a qualified first aider.

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Sensei William Bray Assistant Instructor

I am a passionate karateka with 15 years of dedicated training experience. I started karate at the age of six at my local dojo in Stevenage, training with Sensei Mick. In February 2012, at the age of ten I passed my black belt in Bath, which is when karate clicked with me, and I became passionate about the martial art. Black belt is where the journey really starts and the enjoyment takes off!


The following year I was selected to join the JKA England National Team, which develops members to compete at international competitions. This involved additional training twice a month in Westminster with the national team with a focus on competition kata and kumite, as well as training three times a week at my home dojo in Stevenage and attending JKA England national courses. In my time on the squad, I travelled to various countries in Europe competing in European Championships and international joint training courses.


The first international tournament I attended was in 2014, at the European Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. In the 12-year-old category, finishing in 4th place for Team Kata.


In 2015 I travelled to Bochum, Germany for the European Championships. I was a member of the four-man boys kumite team crowned European champions, knocking out teams from Hungary, Czech Republic, and Russia en-route to the title.


I also passed my 2nd Dan in the same year at the JKA England Spring Course, under an examining panel of visiting Japanese instructors from Tokyo HQ.


The final European Championships I competed in was in Niš, Serbia in 2016, where I was part of the 14-year-old boys team kumite team that finished 2nd and won silver.


Over the years I have also competed and won medals at numerous JKA England national championships within the UK.


In 2017 I took a short break from karate in order to focus on my studies, returning to the dojo in 2019 after finishing A-Levels.

I am a level D International Instructor and DBS Certified. My current aim is to work toward 3rd Dan and to start competing internationally again.


International Tournament Record

· 10th JKA Junior European Championship (Czech Republic, 2014) 4th Place Team Kata

· 11th JKA Junior European Championship (Germany, 2015) 1st Place Team Kumite

· 12th JKA Junior European Championship (Serbia, 2016) 2nd Place Team Kumite Major National Tournament Record

· JKA England National Championship (2011) 3rd Place Kumite

· JKA Four Nations Open Championship (2012) 2nd Place Kumite

· JKA England National Championship (2014) 2nd Place Kumite; 4th Place Kata

· JKA Ireland Open Championship (2016) 3rd Place Kata

· JKA England National Championship (2016) 3rd Place Kata; 1st Place Team Kata

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Sensei Jon Cooper Assistant Instructor

Jon started training in karate in 2003 with GKR. He reached 6th kyu with GKR before he joined Stevenage Karate Club in 2005. Sensei Tom Peebles was the chief instructor of Stevenage Karate Club and Sensei Mick Farquharson was an assistant instructor. With both of their instruction and guidance he would pass all of his kyu grades.

Jon passed his JKA Shodan in May 2008 under Sensei Osaka at a national Dan grading in Guildford.

In the same year he won bronze in Kumite at the JKA National Tournament.

Due to work commitments Jon stopped training in 2012 for approximately 8 years. When he heard Sensei Mick was starting his own club he went along to training to give his support and immediately got bitten by the bug again and is now back training and helping with instructing when required.


In August 2023 in Paisley Jon passed his JKA Nidan under Sensei Kawasoe.

Jon is DBS Certified and has achieved a Certificate in Coaching.

Sensei Danny Haubensack Assistant Instructor

Dan started training in 1984 with TASK Association when he attended a class held by Sensei Roy Hazlewood. He was instantly hooked and continued to train on a regular basis for many years.

Following an operation, he took several years off and returned to train at a club in Stevenage attaining his AMA Shodan in 1998.

Through a chance meeting with Sensei Tom Peebles, he was introduced to Stevenage Karate Club, then run by Chief Instructor Sensei Derek Oakley 3rd Dan and assistant instructor Sensei Tom Peebles.

Encouraged by the superior level of training he changed clubs and associations and was required to re-take his Shodan with the KUGB. It was then that he got to know Sensei Mick as they and others organized extra training sessions in the week headed by Sensei Tom to achieve their next


Dan re-took his Shodan in 2001under the KUGB with Sensei Enoeda at a national Dan grading in Slough. He then took a second break from training in 2003 for several years due to family commitments returning to the club for the next 20 years.

When Sensei Mick started his own club, torn between loyalties he finally joined him and would go on to take his Nidan in 2023 in North London under Sensei Kawasoe.

Dan is DBS Certified, has achieved a Certificate in Coaching and is a qualified first aider.

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